The Heart Attack that Wasn’t

One of our team members, Oliver, tells a story about having heart issues. Oliver’s favorite outdoor activities include running and the occasional hike with his wife and dog. Oliver was somewhat athletic in his younger years. He played football (soccer) and tennis. Later in life he took up running. When he was in his 30’s, his typical weekly running schedule included a few 5Ks and a 10 or 15K on the weekend.

It was when he was in his 30’s that he started recognizing he had a health problem. In the middle of his run, he would have to stop. It was like his vision would go kind of grey and he didn’t feel coherent. A time or two he even got down on his knees to recover. He had these types of episodes in his younger days, but just thought it meant he was out of shape!

This time he went to see a doctor. As it turns out, Oliver had a congenital birth defect associated with his heart. He had some veins and arteries that did not route in the proper way. When he exercised, one of the bigger arteries would get pinched off and he would lose blood flow to part of his heart. The episodes he was having were caused by his blood pressure dropping a lot.

Oliver had heart surgery to fix the problem. His doctor said he was really lucky that he did not have a major heart attack! Oliver feels lucky and blessed to be alive today!

He is in his 50s now. He has dialed his running schedule down a bit. Now it is just a few 5Ks per week, but he still runs and his heart is just fine.

He encourages all that are in the Vigilante Apparel community to go see a doctor if your body is telling you something is just not right when you are out exercising and exploring the great outdoors.

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Heart Attack